D1.5-800.00 Manual slide gangway.pdf
D1.5 is the MANUAL SLIDING GANGWAY with full carbon construction and operated by a hidden tackle.
Door hatch mechanism is enclosed in the carbon box, while the door may be part or not of the box.

Two different type are available:
Type D1.5 A - Box height 135mm --> gangway of flush shape
Type D1.5 B - Box  height 185mm --> gangway provided with side walls

The whole construction, that is both gangway and its box, is carbon fibre and epoxy resin, consolidated in Autoclave and cured at high temperature (>90°).
Pins and deck socket are stainless steel AISI 316L.

Gangway is painted of a choosen color. C-LOOK finishing is available on demand.
The box is white painted RAL9010

Standard solution include nr.2 removable carbon stanchions, "S" shape of D=30mm, provided with deck pin hook.
A soft rope life-line of D=8mm and black color links stanchion's head.
Rigid handrail or different solutions are available on demand.

The box is designed to be glued and bonded onto yach structure.
Different solution may be discussed during contract signature.