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L2.3-801.02 TENDER FENDER GA.pdf

Carbon made structure and Inflatable hypalone

                      --> light, strong, easy to fit, easy to store!

L2.1  is a  tender fender with carbon made structure and inflatable hypalone.

Carbon made construction ensure strength and stiffness  together with a light weigth, 7,5Kg for 1m structure.

The finlatable hypalone ensure a easy to store and easy to install equipment.

The whole construction is carbon fibre and epoxy resin, consolidated in Autoclave and cured at high temperature (>90°).
Deck and hull protection is made out of white Nylon.
Pins, sockets, bushing and  luff are stainless steel made, AISI 316, shiny  polished.


Finishing may be C-LOOK, both clear or matt, or painted.
Transparent paint has ceramic features, so to maximize its hardeness, and it's provided with UV protection.

Standard connection is provided by two deck sockets and their threaded pins.


Inflatable hypalone main features are:

  • 1670 DTex layered fabric
  • quick inflate/deflate valve tested to 0,15 MPa

Different colors and C-LOOK finishing are available upon request.