CH.358-801.01 Boarding Stair.pdf

E2.2 is a removable boarding stair  of "SELF STANDING TYPE", that is the lower platform shall be lifted/holded by rods.

Most of dimensions are customizable and it may be provided with or without its lifting crane.

The whole construction is carbon fibre and epoxy resin, it's consolidated in Autoclave and cured at high temperature (>90°).
Protection are made out of white Nylon.
Pins, bushing and flanges are made out of stainless steel AISI 316L.

Finishing may be C-LOOK, both clear and matt, or painted.
Transparent paint has ceramic features, so to maximize its hardeness, and it's provided with UV protection.
Lower face of steps and platform are mat painted, of the same color of the rest of the structure, without any fairing.
Stainless steel fittings are shiny polished where visible.

Standard solution include nr.2 removable carbon stanchions, "S" shape of D=30mm, provided with deck pin hook.
A soft rope life-line of D=8mm and black color links stanchion's head.
Rigid handrail or different solutions are available on demand.

Stadard connection is made with two sliding flanges  stainless steel made.
On request, a removable carter will be provided.
The carter, made of carbon fibre, will be shaped on hull side and it will protect the hull providing all needed fitting for ladder connection.

To lift/hold the lower platform may be provided a removable crane.
The removable crane, made out of carbon fibre, will be tuned to better suit yacht needs.